About Us

We offer a wide choice of sewing alterations of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing of soft and hard tailoring. We deliver alterations according to a customer’s needs and suggestions
We also specialize in different kinds of garment repairs.

What we do:
  • shortening and tapering legs of trousers
  • shortening suit jackets, coats, jackets and leather clothing
  • shortening jeans trousers with an original hem
  • trousers lengthening
  • tapering and widening clothing along with the lining
  • tapering of beaded evening dresses
  • lining replacement in coats, jackets, trousers, skirts and dresses as well as is in a leather garment
  • lining coats for extra warmth
  • finishing the collar with faux fur
  • alteration of collar’s shape
  • tapering and widening suit trousers, jeans and leather trousers
  • replacing regular and concealed zippers (jeans, sweatshirts, coats and leather clothing)
  • repairing leather clothing
  • replacing zippers in handbags and backpacks
  • sewing on buttons and punching buttons in jeans
  • sleeves tapering, including in-arms-tapering
  • jackets shirts dress side-tapering
  • jeans darning
  • pocket repairing
  • patchworking (regular and leather one) and sewing applications
  • leather belt hole punching
  • tapering men’s and women’s suits, coats, jackets leather clothing, including in-arms-tapering
  • sewing curtains, drapes, furniture covers e.g. destined for child car seats chairs armchairs and sofas
  • fur shortening
  • overlock services
  • made to measure tailoring (from materials delivered by a customer
  • and many more
We are constantly widening our offer.

We purchase all haberdashery: linings, zippers, and curtain tapes.

At your request, we provide the express services.

We are in possession of industrial sewing machines:
  • Quilting machines
  • Regular overlockers and hem stitch machines
  • 2-needle or 3-needle as well as interlaced machines

Our locations in Warsaw:

Śródmieście district

Smolna St. 40 Suite 6
00-375 Warsaw

Mon-Fri:  9:00-17:30
      Sat:  9:00-14:00
Mokotów district

Shopping precinct, the corner of Wołoska/Odyńca St.
pavilion 9, 02-507 Warsaw

Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:00
      Sat: 10:00-14:00
Mokotów district

Madalińskiego St. 106
02-506 Warsaw

Mon-Fri: 10:00-17:30
      Sat: 10:00-14:00
Finding problems with choosing a shirt that fits you?
We make it fitting your silhouette.
Shirt side tapering – cost of service PLN 15-36
Zipper replacement in leather jackets – cost of service PLN 45
(plus the cost of the zipper)
We also offer all kinds of alteration repairs of leather clothing
Shortening jeans trousers with an original hem – cost of service – PLN 22
We also offer to shorten regular trousers and jeans to a rolled hem - cost of service PLN 12
Lacking an adjustment hole in your leather belt?
We will punch it in the place you wish.
Leather belt hole punching – cost of service PLN 4
Evening dresses tapering of different fabrics
and level of difficulty
Replacing a zipper
cost of service PLN 25
(plus the cost of the zipper)
Exemplary coats alterations:
Lining coats for extra warmth – cost of service PLN 60 – 80
Sleeve shortening – cost of service PLN 20-40